Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Room. Lenny Abrahamson

I watched Room, for the first time last night. I had heard great things of course, especially following the films BAFTA success earlier this week, but despite the hype I was still utterly blown away. 

Firstly, don't worry no spoilers, I have kept the descriptions pretty vague.

As the credits rolled I found myself desperate to sit a while and just reflect, there was so much to take in. Annoyingly, I work at the cinema and had no time for this and had to jump up and continue my ushering duties in a sort of strange, light headed, speechless manner.
It is incredible how captivating a film can be when it is based primarily in one small room. One thing that I really felt was that the longer the room scenes continued, the more I was yearning to see outside; the film drew me in as though I was trapped in there with them. 
I thought that the script was compelling, and put forward this strange combination of light hearted conversation between mother and son, and yet also reflected this deeply lonely, desperate reality of their life. 
Also structurally the key narrative only became apparent to us as the viewer, as they became apparent to the boy. I thought this was an especially effective way of story telling, keep the audience in the dark, rather than many films that tend to spell it out for you from the word go. This was far more enjoyable.
An incredible story, and unlike anything that I have ever come across before. A true emotional roller coaster. I already want to see it again.

Here is the trailer (although I would just advise to watch the film without knowing)

A must see. And let me know what ya think! 

Time To Delve Deeper

Hello again. I know it has been a long time, as usual, but this time it would seem I am back for good. 
As part of the film degree, that I am currently undertaking, we are required to bring out our inner journalists and regularly critique the films we see. So I thought what better place to do this than here, on my old film review blog. But this time I will endeavour to venture much deeper into the films and really get thinking about the what's, why's, how's of the films and form much more stronger opinions. 
Please don't hesitate to question my thoughts, it would be very interesting to get some debates and conversations going about the films so please do go ahead and comment.

I look forward to seeing you around here more.