Thursday, 19 December 2013

Catching Fire.

The second hunger games, Catching Fire, is of course a film that I couldn't possibly neglect. I watched this last week after great anticipation, and was certainly not let down. I did in fact read all the books, and am a avid fan it has to be said. But I think even if you didn't read the books I really would recommend this. It was a masterpiece in every way. The costumes where amazingly beautiful and extravagant as expected from the vivid descriptions from the book. And despite knowing the entire story line I still found my self reduced to tears at least 4 times during the film, Im not sure wether this is due to the film or just that I have become rather over emotional, but to me it seemed a pretty good sign that this was a fabulous film!

The trailer...


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  1. i'm in love with this movie and the wedding dress from tex saverio is amazing :D